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B.B.A (Bachelors in Business Administration)

Bachelor’s in Business & Management offered at IADM provides an opportunity to gain a Higher National Diploma in Business & Management (awarded by Pearson, UK) along with the BBA degree. HND in Business is a 240+ credit qualification designed to provide a specialist vocational programme with a strong work related emphasis. The qualification provides a thorough grounding in the key concepts and practical skills required in the industry enabling learners to become better human resources. This qualification also offers a strong emphasis on practicular skills development alongside the development of requisite knowledge and understanding in relevant sectors. A key progression path for HND learners is to the second or third year of a degree or honors degree programme, depending on the match of their units to the degree programme in question.

Top Up Final Year

Top-up year enables Higher National (HND) students to obtain B.A degree in Business & Management from:

  • IADM through Warnborough University Alliance, Ireland
  • UK or other foreign universities

Total duration of the course ranges from 12-14 months. Top-up year holds a vocational nature enabling students to further develop their skills required by the industry. Assessments are done by a variety of methods
including case study based examinations, course works, projects etc.

Gaining High-Level skills

Learners studying the B.A in Business & Management are expected to develop the following skills:

  • Cognitive skills of critical thinking, analysis and synthesis
  • Effective problem solving and decision making using appropriate quantitative and qualitative skills
  • Effective communication, oral and in writing, using a range of media widely used in business
  • Numeric and quantitative skills including data analysis, interpretation and extrapolation
  • Effective self-management in terms of time, planning, behaviour, motivation, selfstarting, and individual initiative
  • Developing an appropriate learning style
  • Self-awareness, openness and sensitivity to diversity in terms of people, cultures, business and management issues
  • Effective performance within a team including leadership, team-building, project-management skills
  • Interpersonal skills of effective listening, negotiating, persuading and presentation
  • Abilities to conduct research into business and management issues

Top-up Units

  • Principles of Accounting
  • Economics
  • Communication and Management Skills
  • Strategic Management
  • New Venture Creation and Entrepreneurial Studies
  • Business Finance
  • Operations Management
  • Motivation and Leadership
  • International Management
  • Management by Diversity
  • Final Project/Dissertation

HND units

Eight Core Units:

  • Business Environment
  • Managing Financial Resources & Decisions
  • Organizations & Behaviour
  • Marketing Principles
  • Aspects of Contract and Negligence for Business
  • Business Decision Making
  • Business Strategy
  • Research Project

Four Compulsory Specialist Units:

  • Personal & Professional Development
  • Working with & Leading People
  • Managing Business Activities to Achieve Results
  • Managing Communications, Knowledge & Information
  • There are 4-6 other specialist units to be taken to achieve 240+ credits.

Course Duration

Duration: 3 Years (360+ Credits)
Total Units: 34
Total Semesters: 6 (6 months per semester)

Admission Criteria

Minimum 3 Academic A-Levels, Intermediate or equivalent

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