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English for Speakers of other Language (ESOL)

The faculty of English language delivers its programmes to cater the needs of those who wish to learn English
language and to practice it in an appropriate environment. It focuses on lifelong learning through fun and practice. Learners come from a wide locale of the academic & professional world and benefit from the different programmes.

Key features of Entry, Level 1 and Level 2 Certificate in ESOL Skills for Life qualification

  • Achieve a level of attainment in English which is appropriate to their needs
  • Use language confidently at a level to function in college, at work or in society
  • Engage in learning which is relevant to them and provide opportunities to develop a range of skills and techniques, personal skills and attributes essential for successful performance in working life

ESOL framework

There are 5 levels under ESOL framework, each having 4 modules:

Learning Outcomes

Each level has reflective learning outcomes around which the entire course is designed through learn with fun activities:


  • Speak to communicate
  • Engage in discussion
  • Pronunciation, social interaction, relating to other


  • Text focus: reading comprehension
  • Sentence focus: grammar and punctuation
  • Word focus: vocabulary, word recognition and phonics


  • Listen and respond
  • Gist, detail and discussions
  • Knowledge of grammar and phonology


  • Text focus: writing and composition
  • Sentence focus: grammar and punctuation
  • Word focus: spelling and handwriting

Guided Learning Hours (GLH)

Each level has fixed guided learning hours to attain a certain ESOL level. The GLH for each level are:

- Entry Level 1 & 2: 80 GLH each
- Entry Level 3: 120 GLH
- Level 1: 120 GLH
- Level 2: 160 GLH


Upon completion of one level of ESOL, the students are required to pass an assessment that will lead them towards the next level of ESOL. Issuance of certificate for the studied level is also based upon successful assessment after the completion.

Class timings

All classes are held five days a week from Mondays through Fridays, in the late afternoons 04:30 – 06:30 pm and evenings 06:30 – 08:30pm

Course Duration

Entry Level 1 & 2: 2 months each
Entry Level 3 : 3 months
Level 1: 3 months
Level 2: 4 months
Business Communication: 6 Weeks / customized as per the corporate requirement

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