A Training Workshop on: Embroidery Product Development and Marketing


We prepare and support you for:

  • IELTS Exam/Test Preparation
  • Improving your spoken English fluency
  • Excelling in IELTS test through development of Writing, Reading, Speaking and Listening skills
  • Vocabulary enhancement, improving grammatical range and accuracy along with coherence and cohesion

Our IELTS trainers work very closely with you to help you accomplish your target band score by improving individual’s score step by step.


- 1 month IELTS preparation:

For students who have attained high score in the initial assessment and have good proficiency in English

- 2 months IELTS preparation:

For students who attained a little above average score in the initial assessment and have average English skills.

- 3 months IELTS preparation:

For students who need extensive help on English before they could start the preparation. They will be offered 2 months of English language support course and one month IELTS preparation.

Class timings

Mondays through Fridays (4:30 – 6:30 pm) and (6:30 – 8:30pm).

IELTS Mock test

This test is held every Saturday from 11 am till 3 pm, and all modules of IELTS exam are tested. It is mandatory for the students to take this test every Saturday so their improvement and progression is correctly monitored and the trainers are able to understand their individual needs to improve their band.