A Training Workshop on: Embroidery Product Development and Marketing

Train Us

Train Us team is committed to build a competent workforce in organisations by providing cutting-edge training courses and workshops to the participants from both public and private sector. Our aim is to raise the skills level of managers and workforce in today’s competitive professional environment. The intellectual capital of an organisation is measured by the skills and competencies of the workforce. To compete in the new era of innovation and technology, your employees are the most crucial asset of your organisation.

What is offered and for whom?
The faculty offers customised management trainings, workshops and short courses to cater needs of participants who come from wide locale of professional world; senior managers, middle line managers, executives, entrepreneurs, administrators and young practitioners & learners from public, private and non-governmental (NGO) sector.

We aim:

  • To foster professional development opportunities to encourage new knowledge, skills and competencies
  • To enhance deeper learning
  • To offer opportunities for self-development & professional grooming
  • To enable participants develop range of skills for attaining professional goals

Training Workshops are offered in following three major areas in collaboration with EdexcelInternational (UK), Training Wise (UK), and Institute of Business & Learning (UK):

  • Business & Management
  • Art & Design
  • English Language & Communication
Our strength lies in terms of the dedicated professionals drawn from academia, industry and the corporate world to take part as trainers, who are nationally and internationally recognised & reputed consultants.

What makes us different from other training providers is the approach we follow, when we approach an organisation. We don’t only act as consultants or counsellors, but as partners in workforce development. We have in-house generated a competency development model for all our corporate clients, to fulfill their training needs.

This model does not only enhance the understanding of the client but also, makes it easy for them to visualise its practicality. In accordance it provides an opportunity for long-term relationship and an opportunity for our privileged corporates to build on their intellectual capital.